Not so quick quiche

I needed some quick food that I could just get out of the fridge and eat. Something for my packed lunch for work and that could be enjoyed cold whilst still super filling. So, how about a quiche with a super filling.

I used this recipe from Swedish blog 56 kilo, which I will take the liberty to translate.
3 dl ground almonds
0.5 dl hulled sesame seeds
1 tbsp psyllium husks
40 grammes butter
1 egg
1 tsp salt

I didn’t have any sesame seeds so I made it without, which was fine. Once I’d mixed the dough it needed to rest for half an hour, I also realised we were out of eggs, so Tallulah and I popped out for a walk. We stopped to say hi to the horses, to eat some blackberries and for a little play in the playground. So by the time we got in the dough had rested for more like 3 hours. So not so quick quiche.

Once baked for about 8 minutes I filled it with fried minced beef, broccoli, peppers, mushrooms and then an eggy mixture and cheese (about 4 eggs and some milk, whisked and then poured over filling). Super filling indeed.
When it was finally ready I was so keen to dig in I couldn’t even stop to take a picture. So below is after a first taster on day 1.

This quiche was such a success. The crust was super crispy, it tasted just like regular wheat flour crust, and it lasted for ages. We had some for lunch on day 2 and I still had enough for a large lunch on day 3.
And the fillings possibilities are endless. In my head I have the following combinations: minced beef, beans and smoked paprika; smoked salmon, lemon and dill; pears, blackberries and coconut.
Watch this space. I just need a spare 5 hours or so, then I’ll make them all…


2 thoughts on “Not so quick quiche

  1. What’s a dl? And where do you get psyllium husks?

    • 1 deciliter is 100 ml, or 1/10 of a litre. Probably about half a cup. I got my psyllium husks online, probably amazon. They’ve lasted ages as you only need a little bit. X

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